Effects of Climate change in Polar Shallow benthic Ecosystems


International Conference of the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR)

Del 15 al 19 de julio de 2013 la "Conferencia internacional del Comité Científico de Investigación Antártica (SCAR)" se realizo en Barcelona. La mayor parte del equipos ECLIPSE participaron en las conferencias y dos miembros de ECLIPSE eran la parte del Comité Organizador (V. Fuentes y C. Orejas). Varias presentaciones orales y el poster fueron presentados en la conferencia. Esta es la lista de las Presentaciones orales y posters presentados por ECLIPSE: From 15th to 19th July 2013 the "International Conference of the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR)" was held in Barcelona. Most of the ECLIPSE team participate in the conferences and two members of ECLIPSE were part of the organising committee (V. Fuentes and C. Orejas). Several oral presentations and poster have been presented in the conference. This is the list of the titles of ECLIPSE talks and poster presented:

Oral presentations

Sahade R, Abele D, Acosta S, Alurralde G, de Aranzamendi C, Fuentes V, Lagger C, Momo F, Olariaga A, Orejas C, Servetto N, Tarantelli S, Tatián M, Torre L, Wiernes P, Zamboni N. Benthic ecosystem responses to glacier retreatment process: a15 years case study at Potter Cove.

Alurralde G, Fuentes V, Movilla J, Olariaga, Orejas C, Schloss I, Tatián M. Consequences of glacier retreat on the trophic ecology of filter feeders and bentho-pelagic coupling in an Antarctic coastal ecosystem.

Torre L, Abele D, Lagger C, Momo F, Sahade R. Strategies of three solitary Antarctic ascidians morphotypes to deal with sedimentation.


Rimondino C, Sahade R, Torre L, Tatián M. Epibiosis on three ascidian species living on soft substrates at Potter Cove, South Shetland Islands.

Torre L, Carmona Tabares PC, Sahade R, Momo F. Spatial modeling of sedimentation increase and ice-scouring impact on a coastal Antarctic benthic ecosystem.

Below you can see some images of the members of ECLIPSE during the presentations in frame of the SCAR meeting.


Dr. Marcos Tatián and Dr. Irene Schloss during a Poster Session Dr. Luciana Torre and Prof. Lloyd Peck just before Luciana gave her talk Dr. Verónica Fuentes, ECLIPSE PI, giving her talk during the meeting